[mythtv-users] Help troubleshooting why remote frontends not able to connect after upgrade

Paul D. Cnudde cnuddep at rogers.com
Sat Apr 26 21:00:16 UTC 2008

> I recently upgraded my mythboxen to 0.21 using the
> debian packages from 
> debian-multimedia .  My setup is 1 BE\FE and 2
> remote frontends.  All 
> was working perfectly before the upgrade.........


>Something new in 0.21 is that the pin code to connect is now  
>*required*, use 0000 to allow anyone to connect without a code.
>I forget what screen it's in, but you could easily miss it if you're  
>not paying attention closely (I did).

I did enter a PIN but that didn't work. also tried the 0000 but that also did not

>You may have a problem with mysql security on the MBE not allowing 
>remotes to login.  I would check the Modifying access to the MySQL 
>database for multiple systems section at the bottom of the following web page
>-- Mache

Not a MySql issue as according to the logs the frontend establishes a connection with mythtconverg. I can also log in to the db across the network with the same credentials as myth uses

>In 0.21 there's more than one location you need to
>change the database location. Sounds like you've
>already done this in mythtv-setup. You also need to do
>it in the frontend since the default is localhost. Go
>to Utilities/Setup -> Setup -> General and make sure
>you have the hostname as your IP.

Again this is to specify the database location, and the correct IP Address of the backend was there.

Thank you everyone for their responses, Is anyone else using the debian packages and have successfully gone through the upgrade?


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