[mythtv-users] Help troubleshooting why remote frontends not able to connect after upgrade

Steve Wilson mythtv_arizona at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 26 19:38:47 UTC 2008

--- "Paul D. Cnudde" <cnuddep at rogers.com> wrote:

> Greetings,
> I recently upgraded my mythboxen to 0.21 using the
> debian packages from 
> debian-multimedia .  My setup is 1 BE\FE and 2
> remote frontends.  All 
> was working perfectly before the upgrade.
> When trying to watch recordings on remote frontends
> this is what i get 
> after the upgrade:
> Could not connect to the master backend server -- is
> it running?  Is the 
> IP address set for it in the setup program correct?
> The frontend on the server runs without issue.
> I stopped the backend , ran mythtv-setup and
> re-entered the IP address 
> ( of my server as well creating a PIN,
> then restarted the 
> backend.
> On the remote machine I removed all mysql.txt and
> config.xml files and 
> launched mythfrontend. The frontend setup screen is
> presented, after I 
> selected the Language, I select the Backend server
> which is displayed, 
> get prompted for the PIN, save the backend setting
> but still can't 
> connect. I Check the config.xml and mysql.txt file
> and the right IP is 
> there -
> When I run mythfrontend -v all from a command line I
> can see quite 
> clearly that it has no problem logging in to the
> database and executing 
> queries. When I select Media Library -> Watch
> recordings  for some 
> reason it is trying to connect to a backend server
> on the local machine.
> Connecting to backend server: localhost:6543 (try 1
> of 5)
> of course there isn't one and it times out and
> fails.  I have double 
> checked the backend settings and the config.xml and
> mysql.txt files on 
> both the backend and the frontend, all the IP
> addresses are consistent - 
>  I have run queries against the
> settings table in the 
> mythconverg db looking for anything with localhost
> and nothing turns up. 
> Does anyone know why my remote frontends would
> persist in trying to 
> connect to a backend on localhost?
> Eternal gratitude comes your way for any suggestions
> thanks
> p
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In 0.21 there's more than one location you need to
change the database location. Sounds like you've
already done this in mythtv-setup. You also need to do
it in the frontend since the default is localhost. Go
to Utilities/Setup -> Setup -> General and make sure
you have the hostname as your IP.

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