[mythtv-users] Mythbuntu and Pinacle PCTV HD USB from Woot -- installed drivers OK but how to get channels

allene222 nabble at oldpaloalto.com
Sat Apr 26 05:18:11 UTC 2008

Some progress.  I added a source called "stick" and then did a scan on 
"stick".  I was able to enter the channels.conf file information there.  
The "scan progress" then got stuck at 3%, apparently a common problem.  
I then tried to enter a single channel in the channel editor.  
Apparently I did that incorrectly but I did get a different screen when 
I hit watchtv.  Then I went and did a scan and it actually scanned 
through all the channels and now it is working.  I am not actually sure 
exactly what I did, and not sure I could repeat it, so if anyone knows 
the exact correct steps that should be taken that would be great as I am 
really just doing a test here on my son's Rx and he will need to 
re-create whatever it is that I did.

There is still an error message about the scan starting on channel 3, 
which is non-existent so not sure what that is about but at least I can 
see that my P4-2.4GHz machine is just fine for and runs at about 60% 
CPU.  I still need to try some real HD channels.

Oh, btw, fast forward works fine on the OTA programs.


allene222 wrote:
> Hi Raphy,
> You have been a great help and I truly appreciate it.  I have now 
> successfully run scan and see that it creates a channels.conf file 
> that reflects my local DTV channels.
> I am stuck on getting that file into MythTV.  I have done what I think 
> should work, "Input connections", "Scan", "Scan Type" but at that 
> point I get a "Program Error".  I have tried every thing I can think 
> of, looked on the web for solutions, and nothing works.
> I got a little side tracked today trying to start from 8.04 but the 
> make of v4l-dvb-experimental doesn't work from 8.04.  So, I 
> reinstalled 7.10 and installed the USB DTV device, instlled dvb-utils, 
> ran scan, and got stuck trying to get the scan information into MythTV.
> Thank you once again for your help.
> Allen
> Raphael wrote:
>> Allen Edwards wrote:
>>> Hi Raphy,
>>> Thanks for the reply.  I have installed scan and can run it but it 
>>> just gives me the syntax file letting me I don't know how to run 
>>> it.  I did "man scan" and there is no man page for it.  I googled it 
>>> and didn't find anything.
>>> So, if it isn't too much trouble, I think what I need is a sample 
>>> US-Broadcast tuning file, the command line I would use to run scan, 
>>> and how I get that resulting file into MythTV.  If I am wrong, 
>>> please correct me.
>> Just putting this back on list since it might help others, too.
>> The syntax is
>> scan <channel file> > <output file>
>> So I would say
>> scan us-ATSC-center-frequencies-8VSB > channels.conf
>> the file us-ATSC-center-frequencies-8VSB should have come with your 
>> dvb-apps package; look for it in /usr/share
>> Check the dvb wiki for info on how to use scan also:
>> http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Scan
>> and for dvb-apps in general.

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