[mythtv-users] Comcast do it all MythBox...

Dewey Smolka dsmolka at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 21:52:41 UTC 2008

> At this point, the HVR-1600 question is probably the only last one I have.
> Funny how it'll put the audio with the video when I'm inputting video on the
> card, and audio on my sound card.

On the PVR 250, audio goes into the PVR card, not the sound card. I
expect the 150 works the same way.

Make sure before you do too much planning what channels you can tune
with an NTSC tuner. Just plug your cable directly into a CATV capable
TV and see what you get. Comcast is in the process of moving
everything to digital channels, even when they're in the analog bands.
Here in Chicago, for example, I can only get the locals, some
shopping, and some Jesus channels over NTSC. Everything else is
digital and requires an STB.

If you do get all the sub 100 stations in NTSC, you might want to get
a PVR 500 instead of a 150 -- the 500 can tune two channels
simultaneously over a single coax input.

If you find yourself wanting/needing multiple STBs, make sure you get
a model that supports multiple IR channels. A two-headed IR blaster
sends the same signals out of both heads, so each STB you want to
control needs to know which signals to obey and which to ignore. There
was a user posting here a while ago who was getting very frustrated
because the STBs Comcast had supplied him with didn't support multiple
channels. I can't remember how he resolved it, and I'm sorry I can't
really offer any further advice. But it is a definite 'gotcha' that
you should be aware of.

Good lulck

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