[mythtv-users] Does Fast Forward Work for anyone?

Sarah Katherine Hayes sarah at sarahhayes.is-a-geek.net
Mon Apr 21 18:30:10 UTC 2008

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 04/21/2008 12:53 PM, Sarah Katherine Hayes wrote:
>> Must admit it doesn't for me, in MythVideo using Internal, but I'm using 
>> a pretty flaky wifi setup which might well have something to do with it.  :)
>> What sort of problems are you getting?
> It almost definitely won't work (though it may appear to kind-of work) 
> in MythVideo with MPEG CODEC's if you don't build a seektable with 
> mythcommflag --video or (quite likely, instead) mythtranscode --video.
> Mike
Well, as I said 'I'm not doing it properly' :)  To be fair it does a 
passable impression of FF but the WiFi's not really up to it (frame 
corruption, random stalls, it's an old AP and failing), but I guess I 
really should build seektables... if only to keep the others happy.

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