[mythtv-users] firewire trouble on SA 4240HDC

blake blake at www.loadedshelf.com
Mon Apr 21 17:51:23 UTC 2008

I've seen this advice a lot and would like to report that it doesn't work  
for me on my SA 4250HDC. To wit:

On Mon, 21 Apr 2008 10:35:07 -0700, Shawn Flynn <sflynn1 at rogers.com> wrote:
> * On the front of the 4250 while the 'envelope' icon is lit, press the
> 'info' button.

Here I have to press the "+" button.

> * You should now see a diagnostic screen overlayed on your video output.
> * Press the 'left' or 'right' arrows on the front of the 4250 to cycle
> through the various pages of diagnostics.

Here I have to page down and page up.

> * Look for a field labelled 'EMI/CCI' on one of the pages. This is the 5C
> status of the channel and it will read as 'freely,' 'once,' or 'never.'

There are nine pages of info, none of them with this information. The one  
page that has channel specific info doesn't seem to include anything of  
the sort.

I keep thinking that maybe there is another diagnostic screen I was  

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