[mythtv-users] OT: Hauppauge HD-PVR ships May 1

joe.white at wachovia.com joe.white at wachovia.com
Mon Apr 21 17:37:20 UTC 2008

>> At 08:47 AM 4/21/2008, joe.white at wachovia.com wrote:
>> I just got off the phone with Happauge and the sales guy tells me 
>> that my order will ship on May 1.  Now all I need is for Time Warner
>> to upgrade me, and oh yes, for my brain to decide on which TV to buy. 
>> Joe W _______________________________________________

> Since there has been no definitive announcement on drivers, I think 
> you are getting a head of things. Lets assume the worse, that no v4l
> developer has gotten pre-release hardware and development starts on 
> or after May 1, 2008. While reasonable people may differ, I would 
> think development could easily take four to six months from 
> inception before a driver release was available. 
> Bottom line is that while the hardware may be available on May 1, 
> being able to use it on myth may take a whole lot longer.  If I were
> you, I would wait until we hear of a driver development program from
> the v4l guys. Moreover, if after all the hype in the listserv fails 
> to translate into sales for Hauppauge, Hauppauge might actually kick
> in some hardware and development money to accelerate the v4l guys' 
> efforts and Hauppauge's time to revenue. 
> -- Mache

LOL. Thanks for being the sober voice of reason.  I was already resigned 
to the fact that the HD-PVR would likely be a decoration for the summer 
(hough I may fiddle with it against .NET).  My main purpose was to 
communicate that the thing was shipping May 1.

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