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steve sfreilly at roadrunner.com
Sun Apr 20 03:27:45 UTC 2008

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Brian Wood wrote:
| On Apr 19, 2008, at 8:48 PM, steve wrote:
|> |
|> | Since you're using RTjpeg I assume you're using a frame grabber
|> | card(s).
|> yeah pvr150
| Wups, a PVR-150 is not a frame grabber, it's an MPEG2 hardware
| encoder. Unless you're transcoding you have MPEG2 files, not RTjpeg,
| and I don't see any reason you'd want to transcode to RTjpeg.
|> If you have the horsepower you could encode to mpeg4
|> | directly, but you probably know that.
|> i went through all the recording profiles and changed the whole
|> shebang
|> to mp4, we'll see what happens i guess. using an amd 3200 with a gig
|> of
|> ram....not the fastest puppy but it does ok for now... he was going to
|> watch a south park episode from wed, but it wouldnt play at all... he
|> just came upstairs to watch it on my trusty ubuntu setup lol.
| If you selected mpeg4 encoding you don't have a PVR-150, need to
| resolve this as the first thing I'd want to know is what is the
| Windows box trying to play.

ok, I guess im not clear on how things are recorded.  so the pvr150
provides a mpeg2 stream which myth records.  What does the transcoder do
then, I have it checked off to transcode after shows record, and I have
all profiles set at mp4.  just changed them.

windows fe just watches recordings, and sometimes live tv.  tv works
fine, recordings always say no codec.

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Steve Reilly


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