[mythtv-users] Suggested Software for Recording HDTV

Rick Bilonick rab at nauticom.net
Sun Apr 20 03:27:19 UTC 2008

On Sat, 2008-04-19 at 17:42 -0600, Brian Wood wrote:

> If you are having trouble compiling MythTV you might want to consider  
> MythDora. The latest version (MythDora5) is in beta now and should be  
> released very soon. It's FC8-based. Essentially the goal is a "one  
> disk install", and you should be able ot get a working installation  
> in  under 30 minutes.
> http://g-ding.tv/
> Being a beta, there are a few minor glitches, you probably want to  
> wait for the release. I don't think they are accepting any new  
> testers, which usually means they are quite close to a release.
> There are other "all in one" Myth releases, KnoppMyth and Mythbuntu  
> come to mind, they are Debian and Ubuntu based respectively.
> If you just want to record, MythTV might be overkill, but if you want  
> all the bells and whistles it's great.
> beww

Thanks for the info. I've posted a separate message on problems
installing the rpm's for mythtv from ATrpm repository.

I'm not against using mythtv with all its bells and whistles but so far
I've not been able to either compile it or install from rpms. 

My original question was: Is there a simple program (other than getatsc
which works but is kind of crude or pchdtvr which worked fine under F6
but won't compile or work under F8) that would just record the data
stream to a file? 

If I can record to a file, I can control this easily enough using
crontab. I can then play it back using xine, mplayer, vlc, etc. It's
crude but simple and it has worked. I can do this now using getatsc for
recording but I thought there might be something better. (pchdtvr was
easier to use than getatsc but it does me no good if it won't run or
compile under F8). I have another system running F6 where I use pchdtvr
but would like to keep all the systems current. (I have to have two
systems - every time I upgrade the OS, there is almost always a problem
that prevents recording or playback. When I initially installed F8, I
could not get xine, mplayer, etc. to playback anything reliably - system
always locked up nor could I get pchdtvr to work. After installing the
latest rpms, everything works except pchdtvr.)

I will keep an eye on mythdora but in the meantime I would also like to
be able to use the best program for dumping the data stream to a file.

Is there some stand-alone program that mythtv uses that I could use to
record without installing all of mythtv?

Rick B.

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