[mythtv-users] Troubles with Irtrans VFD

Kirk Fitzpatrick kfitzpatrick at cbltech.com.au
Thu Apr 17 03:33:32 UTC 2008

tim dennis wrote:
> Greetings!
> I am having some serious issues with Mythtv and my VFD unit. It is an
> Irtrans display and has been working fine until recent upgrade to myth
> 0.21.
> "IRserver" and "LCDproc" both start up fine, I get the usual startup
> display with heartbeat in top right corner:
> ## LCDproc Server ##
> Cli: 0  Scr: 0
> Irserver: 5.9.07 (latest stable)
> LCDproc: 0.52 (latest stable)
> VFD Firmware: D5.08.10 (latest)
> However, the display no longer seems to be initializing properly when
> starting the mythtv frontend starts. I get this display:
> ### LCDproc Server ##
> Cli: 1 Scr: 7
> Looks like myth is connecting and preloading the screens, however that
> is where it ends, moving up and down and into the frontend menu's has
> no effect at all.
> As a test I have started mythlcdserver with verbose settings before
> running myththfrontend. Mythlcdserver start off fine and even displays
> date and time, however from the moment I run mythfrontend everything
> basically shuts down, with several SWITCH_TO_NOTHING leading the way.
> I am stumped, any insight is appreciated.


Just wanted to send an "I've seen this too" email.  I've got the iMON 
VFD, and about 50% of the time it works correctly, and the other 50% 
shows the same problem as yours.  Testing with the curses driver also 
proves this problem.  Again, this was a non issue before upgrading to 


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