[mythtv-users] Odd problem with frontend window unmapping.

Robert Jones kaosfere at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 18:23:46 UTC 2008

I recently updated my mythbuntu box to the latest Hoary beta.  Since
then, I've been having an incredibly frustrating problem with the
frontend window being spontaneously unmapped.  Every now and then --
and it seems to be mostly when the player is idle, but not always --
the window will completely disappear, as if X has unmapped it.  The
process keeps running, however.  Usually -- but, again, not always --
the sound continues fine.  At times, though, the sound begins to skip
rapidly as though the video is on extreme time stretch.

It happens, again usually, when the system is idle, but at more rare
occasions when it's in use.  And it, ahem, USUALLY seems to come in
clusters.  It'll be good for a day, then I have to relaunch the
frontend 3 times in a day.

No logs at all in the front end log, the back end log, or my X server log.

I'm using an 8600GT, set up with the DVI out as :0 and the svideo to
my TV as :1, and I fire up the frontend player on :1.  I've tried
changing the driver version to no avail.  I've updated my X subsystem
to the latest in Hoary, to no avail.  The myth version currently
running is 0.21+fixes (a snapshot of 16838).

I'm truly baffled.  I suspect it's *something* to do with the upgrade
to Hoary, as this only happened post-that, but everything else I'm
doing has been checked, version-changed, and nothing seems to help.

Has anyone seen anything like this before, or are there any
suggestions regarding what else I might want to check?


You have been eaten by a grue.

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