[mythtv-users] Subchannels possible with PVR-150?

Andrew Roazen andrew.roazen at nau.edu
Mon Apr 14 15:36:23 UTC 2008

>  On 04/13/2008 03:55 PM, Andrew Roazen wrote:
> > We set up a new TV for a friend yesterday who has basic cable, and it
> > detected audio subchannels on channel 87. We also have basic cable and
> > our Mythbox uses a Hauppauge PVR-150 (analog).
> >
> > I see conflicting info on whether a PVR-150 can tune subchannels. Some
> > documentation says that only ATSC tuners can tune subchannels, but ivtv
> > logs during channel detection runs mention subchannels.
> >
> > Which is it?
> Do you mean captions/teletext?

No, I mean audio subchannels. In some cases this means separate language 
tracks, but with our cable company that means that channel 87 has 
something like ten radio stations under it -- on her TV display we see 
them as 87-00 through 87-09 with a blank screen. We also notice that her 
TV seems able to pop a box with information about the current network 
and show, something I presume Myth's onscreen box gets from its listings 
rather than the cable signal itself (but I could be mistaken here).
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