[mythtv-users] mythsocket question

Edgar Sigal esigal at insidewire.com
Mon Apr 14 03:22:46 UTC 2008

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On Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 7:45 PM, Edgar Sigal <esigal at insidewire.com> wrote:
> I am using NFS
> Where would I find the setting for "Always stream files from the backend"?
> -Edgar

please bottom post in the future.

Setup->Setup->TV Settings->Playback
[Edgar Sigal] 
I made the change to always stream but am still experiencing the issue.
I got the error below when playing back a recorded TV program.
Again with the same behaviour, a pause during playback, playback resumes for
about 3-4 seconds and then returns to program selection menu.

2008-04-13 23:12:57.333 MythSocket(973a4c8:-1): writeData: Error, called
with unconnected socket.
2008-04-13 23:12:57.395 MythSocket(9731950:-1): writeStringList: Error,
socket went unconnected.

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