[mythtv-users] grub error 15 on new Knoppmyth install

Fred Firestine ffluvssg1 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 11:33:43 UTC 2008

Hi folks,

Tried to set up a new account on the Knoppmyth forum to ask this
question, but it says my email address has been banned (?). Anyway, I
was a happy Knoppmyth user for several months, decided to get new
hardware, as some will remember from answering all my questions...
Now, when I go through the Knoppmyth install process, all goes well
until the first boot, when I get a "grub error 15" message. I have
searched high and low, seen some things about editing grub.conf to
select the correct drive/partition, but I can't even find that on the
drive (which I can mount after booting with a Knoppix or Knoppmyth
CD). BTW, I just installed MythDora (to see if that would work) and it
boots fine. I have a 250 GB drive, and I did see some stuff on the
Internet about LBA being enabled in the BIOS, and it is.

Can any Knoppmyth folks help with this problem? The quickest way for
me to get back up and running would be to use the config I already
have backed up. I can do a new setup but I would rather avoid it.



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