[mythtv-users] video2ipod - having trouble with perl

Jeff Simpson jeffsimpson at alum.wpi.edu
Sun Apr 13 06:04:03 UTC 2008

> Thanks Jeff for the quick response!   I thought I should get it working on
> the command line before trying to run it as a user job.

Ahh, that's a good idea.

> If I go past that  (still as a user job), it does this:
> [root at oscar tv]# video2ipod -i 7316_20080302220000.mpg -o
> /data/nikos/iphone/Mad_Men.mp4
> video2ipod: [i] Filename:      7316_20080302220000.mpg
> video2ipod: [i] Resolution:    720x576
> video2ipod: [i] Framerate:     25.000 fps
>  video2ipod: [i] Audio Rate     48000 Hz
> video2ipod: [i] Video Bitrate  7980000 bps
> video2ipod: [i] Video Format   0x10000002
> video2ipod: [o] Filename:      /data/nikos/iphone/Mad_Men.mp4
> video2ipod: [o] Resolution:    720x576
>  video2ipod: [o] Framerate:     25.000
> video2ipod: [o] Audio Codec:   libfaac
> video2ipod: [o] Audio Bitrate: 128k
> video2ipod: [o] Video Codec:   mpeg4
> video2ipod: [o] Video Bitrate: 2500k
> video2ipod: [o] Cropping:      0
> and then stops and doesn't proceed - no further error message

Try using some of the debug or verbose options.

Directly after that line is where it starts the ffmpeg process. If you
enable debug (-debug) it will show you the commandline that it will
use to run ffmpeg before it runs it. This is especially helpful for
spotting problems with the command.

If you enable verbose logging (-verbose) it will show you the output
of ffmpeg directly. If you don't use that, it will try to parse the
ffmpeg output to give you a percentage. For testing you'll definitely
want to put -verbose on to see what ffmpeg is doing. There's a good
chance if ffmpeg is spitting out an error, it's being eaten up in that

> I'm actually mucking about on my server from another continent (bored in my
> hotel room) and it's easier to do some command line stuff via ssh than try
> to set up user jobs (which are either graphical via mythtv-setup, or direct
> poking in the database which I don't want to do).

Haha, I know the feeling. A lot of the coding for that script was done
while I was bored in a hotel room (remotely over ssh!)

> Anyway - it looks to be an awesome script and I can't wait to get it working
> previously.  My previous kludges to get recordings encoded for my iPhone
> worked, required too many manual steps, so looking forward to this one.

> One more small thing, on your wiki - you mention Linguas::EN::Keywords as a
> dependency - I assume you meant Lingua (without the s).

Ahh, good catch! I'll fix that right up

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