[mythtv-users] couple issues with mythvideo dvd support

Rick Hudson rick at kpo.org.nz
Sun Apr 13 12:06:32 UTC 2008

David Durham, Jr. wrote:

> 1. I rip ISO files of the DVDs and some DVDs are missing sound.  It's
> kind of interesting, the opening stuff has sound, and maybe the menu
> does, but the movie itself does not.  This is only for a few of my
> DVDs.

I was thinking about asking about this exact problem when I understood a bit 
more. One pattern I've found so far is this; If I play the DVD from the 
beginning there is no sound, just as you describe. But if I use the chapter 
selection and start from chapter 2, the sound is just fine. If I select 
chapter 1 in the same way, no sound again. This has happened consistently on 
all of the 7 DVDs I'm having this problem with.

Also, there /is/ sound if I select different soundtracks from the OSD audio 
menu during playback. All of these discs have only had one 5.1 soundtrack so 
when I select another soundtrack it is a 2.0 one.

My sound path is via SPDIF and I've been meaning to do some experiments to see 
if it's related to the sound output path or whether Myth is not extracting the 
soundtrack properly.

Rick Hudson

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