[mythtv-users] Mythbackend crashed because of thumbnails inMythweb

Brian Phillips brian.phillips at gmx.net
Sat Apr 12 17:49:43 UTC 2008

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> Did you look for the files?
> ls -l /storage/recordings/1013_20080402195800.*
> existence, permissions, ...

All seems pretty normal.  The ownership of every file in my recordings dir
at the time of the incident was root.root with permissions 644 for .nuv and
666 for .png.  It seems last night I recorded a show and it's accompanying
.png is owned by mythtv.mythtv with 666 permissions.  But it is the only
file in the dir of ~300 that is owned by mythtv.mythtv instead of root.root.

>> I'm running Mythdora 4 and all that entails.  Myth 0.20.2.
> May be easier to do an upgrade to 0.21 than to try and get the old
> version working. 

Heh, if MD4 wasn't built on FC6...that would be true.  I'll wait for MD5
(soon now) to get 0.21, which I am looking forward to.


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