[mythtv-users] mythsocket question

Edgar Sigal esigal at insidewire.com
Fri Apr 11 21:57:12 UTC 2008

I have a problem when viewing a video or recorded TV program.
Playback begins and after a random amount of time the playback freezes, then
about 2-5 seconds later it resumes for another 2 seconds then stops and
returns to the myth menu.
I am running a separate backend and frontend, Backend runs on FC7 frontend
is minimyth. Both are using the 0.21 release.
The network connection between them is wired (100Mb), 

I get two error messages in the backend log files relating to mythsocket.
2008-04-02 19:12:19.752 MythSocket(b1d6da98:-1): writeData: Error, called
with unconnected socket.
2008-04-02 19:12:19.784 MythSocket(b1dd2a18:-1): writeStringList: Error,
socket went unconnected.

I read in a post to try running mythbackend with -v socket option, to try
and debug, but when I do this the behaviour does not report the same error
messages and I don't really understand the extra info messages.

My myth setup is fairly useless without fixing this

Edgar Sigal
Insidewire Services Inc.
E. esigal at insidewire.com

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