[mythtv-users] 9th Tee HD Homerun

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Fri Apr 11 14:41:34 UTC 2008

> Really?
> Every site I look at shows it at $169.00 USD, except for Newegg, they
> want $179.99+S/H for some reason.
> Where can I get one for $149?

I just got one from digitalconnection for $155 before shipping, I picked
them because they were the only site on silicondust's vendor page that I had
purchased from previously and I am sick of registering for things. Turns out
digitalconnection has some kind of returning customer discount program, I
don't know if there is some threshold to trigger it or any time constraints.
In the past several years I have gotten a $250 upscaling-over-component DVD
player and a $250ish 4-1 component switch along with some various house
brand component/optical cables from them. Worth a shot if you've ever gotten
anything there.


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