[mythtv-users] LCD HDTV recommendations (that are Myth friendly)...

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Fri Apr 11 14:28:28 UTC 2008

>  My wife pushed for a 32" Sharp Aquos...utterly stupid menu
>  structure which took 15 or 16 keypresses to change
>  the input source.

They must have changed it radically with the newer ones, because the
64U series sounds just like your description of the LG. They just have
an input button that cycles through the available inputs. It also has
an RS-232, and using that you can instruct the TV to jump right to a
specific input. All settings are remembered on a per input basis (even
the volume, which is nice since different sources are often normalized
differently). If you tweak the standard profiles, that will affect all
inputs, but each input has a its own User profile that is separate
from the others.

The scaling didn't seem all that bad to me either. I've got an old DVD
player that does no upscaling. I compared a DVD from that with a DVD
played through myth (with myth upscaling to 1080p). Myth definitely
did a better job, but it wasn't really all that noticable.


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