[mythtv-users] Mythbackend crashed because of thumbnails in Mythweb

Brian Phillips brian.phillips at gmx.net
Fri Apr 11 13:11:23 UTC 2008

I'm having a bit of a problem, and this problem started about a day ago.

When I am in Mythweb and select "recorded programs", the mythbox hangs.
I've done some investigating and this is what I have found.  

Mythbackend jumps to 100% CPU and starts filling the mythbackend.log with
2008-04-11 06:40:12.075 MainServer::HandleAnnounce FileTransfer
2008-04-11 06:40:12.082 adding: localhost.localdomain as a remote file
2008-04-11 06:40:12.092 MythSocket(ab9c610:-1): writeStringList: Error,
socket went unconnected.

Every other part of mythweb works as designed.  I noticed that once
mythbackend starts taking 100% CPU, it won't stop until I stop the service.

If I select another part of mythweb I get an entry in the log file like
2008-04-11 06:40:13.070 MainServer::HandleAnnounce Monitor
2008-04-11 06:40:13.076 adding: localhost.localdomain as a client (events:

I was led to believe the difference is in the Monitor and the FileTransfer.
I backed up my database and dropped the mythconverg.recorded table.
Everything worked great in mythweb (except for me not having any of my 153
recordings there).

So I restored my database from backup and changed my settings in mythweb to
not use pixmaps.  Now when I go to "recorded programs" mythbackend responds
favorably and doesn't start hogging CPU.  It doesn't crash.

So I am led to believe it's the transfer of these thumbnails that's causing
me grief.  I can't see any problem with them.  The thumbnails are all there,
and I've checked to make sure the .png file matches the filename of it's
respective .nuv or .mpg file.

So I decide to delete them all and see what happens.  I deleted them,
restart the backend, then select "recorded programs" while running a tail -f
on mythbackend.log.  It starts re-creating them like mad.  It stalls on
about 6 recordings, all American Idol recordings.  The backend gets lines
like this:
2008-04-11 06:53:56.180
RingBuf(/storage/recordings/1013_20080402195800.nuv.png): Could not open

I decide to delete all the files it's complaining about (I don't really care
to keep bad singing around anyway).  So for every recording that gives me
the above error, I just delete the recording.  I deleted about 6 or 7
recordings, all gave me the error I've shown above.  The weird thing about
all this is these recordings were in no way recent.  The thumbnails for many
of these recordings had displayed in the past and there's nothing that leads
me to believe they were corrupted, or the recordings were corrupted.  Anyway
so after I deleted the recordings I restarted the backend.  I went to
mythweb -> recorded programs again while tailing my log file.  It created
the remaining 20 or so thumbnail images and the page displayed nicely.
Everything appears to be in working order.

So I'm left scratching my head and hoping someone could shed some light on
what just happened.  Could it be that I hit some limit of thumbnails that my
machine can handle? (it's rather old P3 550 with 512 MB RAM, and for an
httpd to process 153 thumbnails on a single page could have been a bit much
for it...)  Or did I get corrupted files/images somehow?  Like I said, I
didn't have any problems seeing these thumbnails yesterday, and a few of
them were for recordings done in March.

I'm running Mythdora 4 and all that entails.  Myth 0.20.2.

Brian Phillips

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