[mythtv-users] menu texts have gone!

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Thu Apr 10 16:00:34 UTC 2008

>> What happens is that everything is working perfectly fine, then I exit
>> TV and the menu screen is blank (where as it was working perfect
>> before entering TV).
>   No, that's an OpenGL issue that's been discussed before. Downgrade your
>   video driver.

1) I can't. Older drivers don't support the nvidia 7100 onboard video,
so I'm stuck with the newer beta drivers.
2) I don't know what open GL has to do with it, because I'm using qt
for the menus (can't stand the open gl menu fade effect).
3) If it has been discussed before, I can't find it. I can find a few
cases of it being reported with no replies posted. I can also find
many discussions of a completely different nature (such as no text at
all, ever, or no text with certain themes, neither of which apply to
my problem). If you know of relevant threads, I'd appreciate any

> I think what he's referring to is that the screen all
> draws correctly, but no text is displayed - ever.

On rereading his post, I think you are right, and I misinterpreted it.
Still, if you have any info or links for my question, I'd appreciate


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