[mythtv-users] Fwd: Trouble with MythTV tuning to ABC in Melbourne Australia

Stephen Rosman mythtv.stephen at rosman.id.au
Thu Apr 10 09:51:02 UTC 2008

>> Is it possible you are trying to tune an inferior copy of the channel?

I don't think this is it - the frequency and ids in channels.conf are the same
as listed in the mythtv transport editor.

>Finding out which transports you really should be receiving: dunno, there's a
>set of web pages I use (and recommend) in the UK, in Oz there must be some
>similar setup.

It all works using the channels.conf file that is generated from the "getting
your usb dvb-t card working" intro on the linuxtv site.

I'll have to give up on mythtv for the moment and wait for Fedora9, I think
I recall seeing that better mythtv support was one of the goals for
this release.

Thanks for the quick response.

Stephen Rosman

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