[mythtv-users] Two antennas again (semi-OT)

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Wed Apr 9 23:29:18 UTC 2008

> mythtv folks:
> This is pretty much a followup to my posts in the earlier thread
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/318560#318560
> I was waiting for spring to try moving the antenna from the attic to the
> roof in order to get better reception.  Well, spring is here.
> To recap my setup:  For tuners I have a pcHDTV 5500 and an HDHR.  I had
> bought two directional UHF antennas since the "you got questions, we got
> answers" folks at Radio Shack said that's the way to go since we are
> located in between the two antenna clusters.  The smart folks on this
> list suggested I'd be able to get the closer cluster out of the back of
> the directional antenna, and in fact I got just as good reception with
> one antenna pointed to the distant cluster as I did with both.  So I
> took the second one out of commission.
> Now, I am considering putting up both antennas on the roof, but set up
> this way:  Both would point to the distant cluster.  One would plug into
> my 5500 and the other one (with a splitter) into the two HDHR inputs.
> This way I don't have as much splitter losses.  It also makes sense
> location-wise, too, since the first logical mounting spot is near my
> mythtv box (combined FE/BE, with the 5500 PCI card), and the other
> location is nearer my home network router, where I could plop down the
> HDHR.  I've already got the two antennas so all I'd be shelling out for
> is two mounting kits and a bit of RG-6, and the grounding wire, so why
> not?
> My question is this:  These two logical spots on the roof are about 28
> feet apart.  Is this far enough apart such that they will not interfer
> with each other?  Does the fact that they are not merged make
> interference less of an issue?  I am looking at channels ranging from 14
> to 43.

28 feet apart sounds like plenty to me, but if you are dealing with
diffraction then they may be in separate "hotspots" for various frequencies.
Here's what I consider a very authoritative source on antennas:

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