[mythtv-users] Video playback gets choppy after a 2-3 days requiring reboot (and related to x2 deinterlacers)

Scott Traurig straurig at comcast.net
Wed Apr 9 12:54:36 UTC 2008

Hi all,

Installation is ubuntu gutsy and 0.21, although it did this under 0.20 as

Normally I run standard decoder with Bobx2 deinterlacing. Everything looks
great, playback is good.

Approx. every 2-3 days after rebooting a problem will occur where all myth
playback becomes choppy. It jumps about ever 2 or 3 seconds. Only two things
fix the problem, either a) go into setup and choose any x1 rate deinterlacer
or b) reboot the machine. Restarting the front end, back end or both don't
help. All other aspects of the machine are good, recordings are fine, etc.

The problem actually persists with any x2 rate deinterlacer, be it bob or
yadif or whatever.

No errors and nothing noteworthy in either the front or back end logs.

I suspect video driver or X problems, perhaps some sort of memory leak, but
at this point I have exhausted my personal knowledge base.

All help is much appreciated as this kind of makes the mythbox a lot less
appliance-like for the family.



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