[mythtv-users] A MythTV backup proposal

John Veness John.Veness.myth at pelago.org.uk
Tue Apr 8 20:52:02 UTC 2008

David Segall wrote:
> I can only afford a certain total amount 
> of disk space and I need to trade the amount of space I would like to 
> have for my live MythTV against the space I would need if the live 
> MythTV failed. My current feeling is that I am prepared to loose about 
> 90% of my recorded programs rather than devote 50% of the available 
> space to duplicating the recorded programs in case of the, relatively 
> small, chance that the live MythTV drive(s) fail. That is why I proposed 
> a backup that weighted the value of the backed up recordings rather than 
> use rsync that treats all the files equally.

That's an interesting problem. I guess a proper solution would involve 
interrogating the database and so on, which I wouldn't know how to do, 
but I can think of a manual solution:

Create a new storage group with a new folder, and change the recording 
rules for your important programs to place their recordings in the new 
group. Now you can setup your backup solution to just backup the new 
folder rather than everything.

Note that there isn't currently a way in the GUI to move recordings from 
one storage group to another, so if you want to move existing recordings 
you'll have to move them manually, if you can find out the filename.



John Veness, MythTV user, UK, DVB-T

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