[mythtv-users] Exciting updates to video2ipod!

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Tue Apr 8 20:21:48 UTC 2008

Jeff Simpson wrote:
>>  Jeff, sounds like you've been hard at work.  I haven't used this in a
>>  long time, might take a look again.  However, I'm really trying to
>>  stay away from custom scripts and plugins as much as possible.  Any
>>  thoughts into getting this functionality integrated into myth itself?
> I can't imagine it was THAT long ago - I only wrote the script in
> February. You might be thinking of one of the other ipod convert
> scripts. myth2ipod, maybe?
> I'd love to see it in built into myth! But I suspect it would be a lot
> of work to add that functionality to the transcoder. The idea for this
> script is to make it as "un-hacky" as possible. For a user-job, it's
> actually fairly well integrated into myth. Calling the transcoder, for
> example, only requires the chanid and starttime - it uses myth perl
> bindings to get the rest of the info for the recording. The iPod is so
> picky about file formats, I suspect that even if I put all the work in
> to make it generate an mp4 of h264+aac, the iPod would still complain.

I don't know about unhacky since I hacked up your last version to suit 
my own needs. ;)

It works great with the XML feed stuff. I commented out the bits that 
assume I'm replacing the actual myth recordings with the transcoded 
version since that's not how my system is set up. I set my output to be 
a web-accessible location and leave the myth database and original files 
alone so I end up with my myth system exactly how I started (which is 
what I want) and a new directory filled with videos I can play on my 
iPod along with a nice XML feed so I can subscribe to them via iTunes as 
a podcast.

Again - great work! I think I'm at the point where I don't have to think 
about it any more. Just let it do its thing and enjoy the videos.

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