[mythtv-users] Embedded MythTV

Andreas Bach Aaen usenet at bachaaen.dk
Tue Apr 8 19:55:19 UTC 2008

Tirsdag den 8. April 2008 skrev Yan Seiner:
> Andreas Bach Aaen
> > I have a mythtv backend running on a Linkstation PRO LS-500. This
> > is sold as a NAS. It's a relatively slow arm based device with a
> > 500GB SATA disc, 2xUSB2.0,1Gbit ethernet and 128MB RAM. I use it
> > together with a usb DVB-T stick, so I don't need to do any hard
> > processing on my backend.
> > Marvell that has made the arm based SoC for this device is in the
> > process of making upstream Linux kernel support for this device,
> > so you will get all your fancy usb-devices to work.
> > I have installed Debian for armel on this device and then
> > compiled mythtv for it.
> Interesting.  I checked OpenWRT; no support for this device.

OpenWRT is also arm based, and is also on the shift from arm (OABI) to 
armel (EABI) which is the binary (link)format, which should be faster 
on the arm processors. So the OpenWRT community certainly have helped 
a lot making it a lot easier for the Buffalo hacking community to do 
it's work.

> How do you go about reflashing it?


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