[mythtv-users] Australian daylight saving time puzzle

cal cal at graggrag.com
Tue Apr 8 11:12:18 UTC 2008

Matthew Jurgens wrote:
>  I'm not sure that it was just shepherd and yahoo.
> My Fedora 8 system correctly followed the new daylight savings schedule 
> but during that one week, the time shown on all mythweb pages (right at 
> the top) was the incorrect time. So myth has its own daylight savings 
> schedule somewhere? It will be interesting to see what happens in 
> October when daylight savings comes about 3 weeks earlier than last year.

I'm dead curious about the role of the myth setting, TimeOffset. When dst
(Melbourne) started last summer, I had to change it +1000 -> +1100 to get
things sane. Now we're off dst, it has to be +1000. Very weird.
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