[mythtv-users] Plextor Convertx CPU Usage

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Apr 8 03:15:33 UTC 2008

On Apr 7, 2008, at 8:55 PM, Steve Peters - Priority Electronics wrote:
> I mean the system fan, not fax. (just a typo)

Well that makes more sense, I was wondering what you meant.
> I do have a hunch that it is AC Hum. But how would I go about fixing  
> that?
> I've already gotten a upc battery backup to help ground the mythbox.  
> Didn't
> help much though. But any other ideas to fix this would be greatly
> appreciated.

AC hum in NTSC video shows up as a horizontal bar, sometimes 2 (120  
Hz.) moving slowly up through the picture. Your description doesn't  
sound like hum.

Unplugging the fan helping is odd, is it just connected to 12 VDC or  
are you modulating the fan somehow for thermal control? Do you maybe  
have a marginal power supply?
> Also, one reason I want to get something usb is to free up a pci  
> slot so I
> can add firewire. That would be a nicety, and $50 for a usb tuner is  
> cheaper
> than a hd home run, since I'll be able to get those hd channels (I  
> hope) by
> putting in a pci firewire slot. I'll probably be going for the new  
> hd-pvr
> when it comes out, but at $50, the plextor seems like a steal.

It certainly is a bargain, I paid a lot more than that :-( If you have  
the spare cash it's a great toy for a Myth user to have.


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