[mythtv-users] Embedded MythTV

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Tue Apr 8 02:27:00 UTC 2008

Paul Bender wrote:
> KH Chai wrote:
>> Anyone working on embedded MythTV?  I'm currently using MythTV on a PC
>> platform, and I'm thinking of porting it to embedded.  Anyone has a good
>> resource where to start, or is it even possible to embedded MythTV?  Thanks
>> in advance.
> What do you mean by embedded? Specifically, what is the hardware?


 From the software end, the tricky part would be embedding the backend.  
I doubt that could be done - you'd need too much stuff to make it work.

The frontend should be fairly simple; strip down the system to the bare 
minimum, at least for the prototype run it off an SD card or something 
similar, and have it boot directly to mythtv.  It shouldn't be too 
difficult; I had konqueror embedded running off a board with 32 MB flash 
and 32 MB ram - it uses qt as well, so it's not that difficult to do.

The hard part is finding hardware beefy enough to run HD that can run 
embedded.  If I still end up with a big box with big fans, what's the 
point of putting the OS on flash....

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