[mythtv-users] PAT timed out - firewire channel change failing

Frank Lynch frank.lynch at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 02:13:46 UTC 2008

Hi Folks,
Since upgrading to .21 (and switching from fc4 to gutsy) I've been having a
few issues with my firewire source. Whats a little odd is that I never had
this issue before (firewire worked quite nicely on my FC4 .20.2 setup).
Anyway, I've switched the connection type from p2p to broadcast and while
that certainly improved the situation, I was still running into issues where
mythtv would fail to change channels. I was also occasionally seeing an
issue where my firewire source would stop working (zero byte captured) until
I restarted the backend.
The only suspcious thing I could find in the logs was a warning message:
"Wait for valid PAT timed out" I've included an excerpt below[1]. Could this
be causing the channel changer to fail?
I've since switched over to using an external changer (6200ch) which seems
to be working ok, but its less than ideal as it will break whenever my
cablebox jumps firewire ports :(
Can anyone suggest what I might try to troubleshoot or correct this issue?
I'm running out of ideas...
thanks & regards,

2008-04-07 21:16:53.058 AFD: Opened codec 0x82aec90, id(AC3) type(Audio)
2008-04-07 21:16:53.965 Preview: Grabbed preview
'/mnt/store/2193_20080407211627.mpg' 1920x1088 at 113s
2008-04-07 21:16:54.697 FireSM(000E5CFFFE5C5B26), Warning: Wait for valid
PAT timed out
2008-04-07 21:16:54.868 Finished recording Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern
"Bolivia": channel 2188
2008-04-07 21:16:54.912 scheduler: Last message repeated 2 times: Finished
recording: Dirty Jobs "Snake Wrangler": channel 2193
2008-04-07 21:16:54.920 scheduler: Finished recording: Bizarre Foods With
Andrew Zimmern "Bolivia": channel 2188
2008-04-07 21:16:55.989 Finished recording Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern
"Bolivia": channel 2188
2008-04-07 21:16:56.178 LFireDev(000E5CFFFE5C5B26): Buffered packets 2000
(8000 KB)
2008-04-07 21:16:56.195 LFireDev(000E5CFFFE5C5B26), Warning: No Input in 50
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