[mythtv-users] Damn you Time Warner

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 18:34:55 UTC 2008

On Sun, Apr 6, 2008 at 9:28 AM, William Munson
<william_munson at comcast.net> wrote:
> Mario Limonciello wrote:
>  > Sean Goodpasture wrote:
>  >
>  >> So I finally got a Firewire card to test with the Motorola 6200...  It
>  >> works decently, except that stupid Time Warner has marked dang near
>  >> everything with the no copy or copy once flag so I can't record much of
>  >> anything.
>  >>
>  >> I can understand the movie channels, but Noggin?  Seriously?!
>  >>
>  >>
>  >
>  > Sean,
>  >
>  > Did you ever end up with any more luck with TW in your area?  Are you by chance
>  > the Austin, TX area?  Since you mentioned Uverse competing with TW and all.  I'm
>  > down here and just picked up a SA4240HDC yesterday.  I've been fighting a losing
>  > battle in attempting to get it functional for many channels.
>  >
>  > It seems the only stuff that is coming in is the local hidef stations and BBC
>  > America.  They take away all my analog stations and all the other stuff.
>  >
>  > I'm debating escalating this up higher, but if you've already done it and lost,
>  > i'm not sure it's worth the effort.  I've read some posts in the past (not on
>  > the Myth list, but other lists), where people have managed to get in contact
>  > with the actual cable engineers and get the CCI bits fixed correctly.
>  >
>  > In the example post that I was reading, it turns out that the cable company was
>  > taking the Broadcast Flag bit (yeah you know the one that was shot down) and
>  > using it to determine when to put some CCI bits in place.  The guy managed to
>  > get it flipped on all of the stations he wanted and happy ending.
>  >
>  > I wish I lived in a fairy tale land that I could threaten to move to another
>  > cable co like you guys list in this thread.  Threatening to go to uverse
>  > probably won't solve anything....
>  >
>  >
>  This is the very reason that we are all holding our breath on the new
>  hd-pvr card. I have one local hd station (ABC) that will not record over
>  firewire. Contacted the station manager and was told that they requested
>  this themselves because  they are  "worried about people stealing the
>  shows and  putting them on the internet". Will be interesting to see
>  what happens after the release of the hd-pvr. I suspect there will be
>  lawsuits flying so get yours before Hauppauge is forced to pull the
>  product. Should be an interesting lawsuit since the component outputs
>  are analog and should fall into the "analog hole" in the law.

the funny thing about the ABC situation is that cable companies by law
have to transmit the signal in the free on their cable lines which can
then be tuned with a QAM tuner. So their little firewire thing is
really meaningless in regards to "pirating" their stuff. not to
mention it can be obtained OTA in similar fashion for those with an
ability to grab the signal.

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