[mythtv-users] Should I be switching to 0.21?

Tom Dexter digitalaudiorock at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 17:10:29 UTC 2008

On Sat, Apr 5, 2008 at 12:02 PM, Paul Bender <pebender at san.rr.com> wrote:
> Tom Dexter wrote:
>  > I'm confused by the statement that slim is the same as 0.20.  0.20
>  > didn't even offer ffmpeg as a decoder did it?  In any case, it would
>  > depend on what the users previous settings were.
>  In 0.20, "The Preferred MPEG2 Decoder" option "Standard" is ffmpeg.
>  > I'm still on 0.20.2.  I'm using bob and libmpeg2.  As I understand it,
>  > in order to get those exact settings in 0.21, I'd need to create a new
>  > profile group with only one profile for all resolutions that used
>  > xv-blit (I believe), libmpeg2 as a decoder, and bob as a deinterlacer.
>  Correct.
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Ah...thanks for clearing that up.  I decided to do a little testing on
my 0.20.2 frontend (P4 3.0 Ghz w/hyperthreading enabled).

Watching 1080i HD content with bob, it appears that the 'Standard'
(ffmpeg) does use a bit more cpu than libmpeg2 that I've been
using...about 10% more overall...certainly acceptable, but it does
seem to use more.

I've been a little concerned with all the talk about extra CPU usage
in 0.21.  I have the CPU to spare for sure, but my frontend's fan
noise might start getting noticable if, for example, it went up by 15%
or more.

It won't stop me from upgrading though.


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