[mythtv-users] Static on some channels - PVR150 AND PVR500

Harry Devine lifter89 at comcast.net
Sat Apr 5 02:24:51 UTC 2008

Trey Thompson wrote:
> Well, I'm BACK!  I left for a few months... to... um... cough cough... 
> try another software...
> I MISSED YOU!!!  Myth is FAR SUPERIOR to anything else out there, PERIOD!
> OK, now that the kissing and making up is done... :)
> I've got a PVR150 and a PVR500.  Recently, I've lost some channels, 
> and they are now showing static.  I have analog cable from the cable 
> company.  I have awesome cable in the house.  I have a splitter that 
> the cable guy said was "better than what we provide", and things have 
> been OK so far.
> I've got cable internet (10MB down, 1MB up, both maximum speeds work 
> perfectly).
> The channels that are static on the PVR cards appear just fine on the TV.
> I read some posts that said it's probably a bad splitter.  So, I 
> removed it from the picture, and the static is still there.
> Any thoughts?
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What's the frequency table set to in your mythtv-setup for the analog 
card?  I have a pcHDTV-5500 personally, and I originally had my analog 
set to us-bcast.  Changing it to us-cable allowed it to come in much 

Just a thought.

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