[mythtv-users] ATT U-verse - any users yet recording successfully?

Brad Fuller bradallenfuller at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 17:10:34 UTC 2008

I've looked through the archives and found that no one has used MythTV
with AT&T U-verse. But, I'd like to ask the community directly. Has
anyone? And if so, how'd you get it working?

It looks like U-verse is IP based with no QAM channels. I assume that
the router that comes with the service routes the stream to the
appropriate set top box. There was a message about capturing the
stream after the router, but it was a proposal, not a procedure that
was successful (unless it was! Please tell!)

If anyone has any ideas, I'd sure be interested. Is this how the world
will end up on a couple of years? (that is, IP streams)

Brad Fuller

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