[mythtv-users] Preferred interface for HDTV?

Darryl Hirschler Darryl.Hirschler at practiceworks.com
Fri Apr 4 13:12:03 UTC 2008

I have an old 800x600 projector and I used to watch HDTV on it via VGA
at 1024x768 which the projector internally scales to 800x600.  It was a
Windows system and not even PVR/Media PC software.  It was just the TV
software that came with the FusionHDTV3 card.  But it looked great even
at 800x600.  I decided if I ever get a real HDTV, I want one with a VGA
input (along with all the other inputs).  Hope that helps.


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I'm planning a new MythBox. I really don't want to spend a bundle on a
does-everything system; I'll pay more for a good processor and fast
memory and good drives, but not (for example) an SLI-capable

One of the MBs I'm looking at has a GeForce 7050 built in chipset built
in . . . but only a VGA output.

Now, right now my old MythBox is connected to my 780p Samsung HDTV with
VGA. The FX 5200 knows it's a big LCD and set the Linux desktop screen
resolution to 12?? x 768 (don't have the machine on right now) and it
looks just great, as far as I'm concerned. But so far I haven't streamed
HD (I can't . . . the processor won't really handle it.)

My question is . . . will I be able to stream 780p video to the set via
an VGA interface? Should I spend more and get a faster nVidia card with
DVI outputs?

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