[mythtv-users] Preferred interface for HDTV?

stefan_jones at comcast.net stefan_jones at comcast.net
Fri Apr 4 02:34:55 UTC 2008

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From: John Finlay <finlay at moeraki.com>
> stefan_jones at comcast.net wrote:
> > I'm planning a new MythBox. I really don't want to spend a bundle on a 
> does-everything system; I'll pay more for a good processor and fast memory and 
> good drives, but not (for example) an SLI-capable motherboard.
> >
> > One of the MBs I'm looking at has a GeForce 7050 built in chipset built in . . 
> . but only a VGA output.
> >
> > Now, right now my old MythBox is connected to my 780p Samsung HDTV with VGA. 
> The FX 5200 knows it's a big LCD and set the Linux desktop screen resolution to 
> 12?? x 768 (don't have the machine on right now) and it looks just great, as far 
> as I'm concerned. But so far I haven't streamed HD (I can't . . . the processor 
> won't really handle it.)
> >
> > My question is . . . will I be able to stream 780p video to the set via an VGA 
> interface? Should I spend more and get a faster nVidia card with DVI outputs?
> >   
> How about something like this that would allow you to use either?
> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813138061

That sounds like an interesting board, and most of the users seem to like it a lot. Do you have personal experience with it?

 Most of the reviews seemed to be by Windows users; if you have one, were you able to get over the no-audio-with-HDMI problem?

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