[mythtv-users] Errors Watching x.264 encoded videos..

Jeff Simpson jeffsimpson at alum.wpi.edu
Thu Apr 3 20:10:33 UTC 2008

>  The option is in there:
>  http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/browser/trunk/mythtv/configure#L94
>  However, it's not printed (they're commented out with a bunch of other
>  ffmpeg related options).
>  The options you're looking for are probably:
>  --enable-libfaac
>  --enable-libfaad
>  I have no idea if they actually impact the build of MythTV and if they
>  will actually include AAC support in the Internal player.

Well I'll be damned! So they are!

Turns out I wasn't enabling the AAC use flag in gentoo. The configure
script led me astray since it didn't give any indication that aac was

I'm not sure if --enable-libfaad will enable it or not, but we'll see!

 - Jeff

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