[mythtv-users] The Death of MythTV in the US?

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Tue Apr 1 01:56:25 UTC 2008

Brian Wood wrote:
> In the "old days" what were know as "converters" were a royal PIA to  
> cable companies. They had to purchase them, maintain them, inventory  
> them, tote them around town, chase after them from subs who had moved,  
> prevent subs from breaking into them and generally have to deal with  
> them.

In my experience they don't chase after you anymore if you don't return
the box.  They just send you a bill for $600.  Happened to a place I
worked at when we closed a location.  They said they'd reverse the
charge if we returned the box, but it had disappeared in the chaos and
we never did find it.  I suspect it was stolen by one of the
construction workers, since it wasn't the only item we had go missing.

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