[mythtv-users] Securing Mythweb

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Tue Apr 1 01:27:04 UTC 2008

Harry Devine wrote:
> Well, it looks like I spoke too soon.  This, in fact, isn't working.  
> When I try to connect to my Mythweb internally from home, I get in 
> (since I allow my internal IP segments in without prompting for a 
> password).  When I try connecting internally using my DynDNS.org 
> account, I get prompted for the username/password, then it displays my 
> Mythweb pages.  However, it changes in the address bar to 
> http://hjdmyth/mythweb, which is my INTERNAL hostname.  When I try 
> connecting from outside (i.e. from my office at work) using my 
> DynDNS.org account, I get prompted for a password, which I enter 
> correctly, and get the standard "page cannot be displayed" page.  I was 
> SSH'd into my box from work when I tried this, and tried to monitor the 
> error_log and access_log, I didn't see anything unusual.  The error_log 
> showed no errors at all, and access_log showed the GET for /mythweb, but 
> nothing else.
> Any ideas on where I should go from here?
> Thanks,
> Harry

Actually, it is working, but you need to configure your hostname 
correctly. Probably this part of your mythweb.conf file:
         # By default, MythWeb uses the hostname program to look up the 
hostname of the
         # machine it runs on.  If this reports incorrect data, or you 
run MythWeb on a
         # machine without the hostname program, set this to your 
current hostname.
         #   setenv hostname         "my_mythbox"

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