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Thu Sep 20 15:16:44 UTC 2007

The patch need mythplugins *and* mythtv to be in the same directory.
This is because it needs to patch files in both trees.

So you should have something like:

Then from the ~/src directory apply the patch by:
  patch -p0 < shoutcastpatch.diff

If you have the exact same version of (pristine) source it should
apply cleanly, if it doesn't I would check to see if you have any
local mods etc.

It is possible that applying the patch multiple times could lead to
problems as well.

To check what has changed you can use "svn status" this will list the
modified version controlled files (M) and the unversioned files (?)
that may have been created.

You can revert the modified files using "svn revert" and manually
delete the new files if you need to.



Once you have the patch applied to r14738 you can try an "svn update"
and subversion will try to merge your modified working copy with the
updates. Pay attention to any conflicts that happen during the "svn
up" as subversion will put conflict markers in the source files.

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