[mythtv-users] Video quality?

Kevin Page mythtv-users-list at krp.org.uk
Sun Sep 30 22:33:42 UTC 2007


I'm "dabbling" with MythTV; I'd like to use it for my digital TV needs,
so I've been using it on and off for a month or so.

I've noticed this issue too, and I'd agree that Piers describes it well.
It's not that the video playback is _bad_, indeed if only using Myth for
the day it's pretty hard to notice at all - it's only really noticeable
in comparison with digibox output, which it looks worse than.

It's definitely something I could "get used to", most likely ignore. I'd
also agree with everything Matt said.

Possibly pertinent information:
- DVB-T (are all those experiencing this using DVB-T?)
- P4 2.4GHz (never more than a fraction of CPU load) 
- SATA hard drives
- Radeon 9550
- LCD monitor

Comparison is with a 20 quid off the shelf freeview STB, sometimes run
into the composite input of the same LCD panel.

Now I realise the above PC isn't that highly specified (especially the
graphics card), but before using Myth I captured DVB-T programme streams
directly to disk using dvbstream and a crontab - as with Myth, there was
no transcoding. I'd then play the recordings back using Xine, and I
definitely didn't see this issue.

As I said above, I think that Piers' description (quoted below) sums it
up well. I haven't had the opportunity to try linear de-interlacing with
vlc yet, nor to look what Xine is/was set to use.

On Sat, 2007-09-29 at 13:05 +0100, Piers Kittel wrote:
> If you took 2 identical TVs, one  
> connected to a digital input, such as a Freeview (UK DVB-T) box, and  
> another connected to a computer connected to an identical Freeview  
> box and asked me which was showing the output from a Freeview box,  
> and which was from MythTV.  I could tell you in a second just from  
> watching the video output.  What I would see is very very slight  
> jerking in between frames - it's not totally smooth, I can see very  
> slight jumps when it transitions in between frames.  It's very faint  
> but it's there.



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