[mythtv-users] analog tv troubles

Jan Torben Heuer mail at jtheuer.de
Sun Sep 30 16:00:59 UTC 2007


I have still some problems with the tv configuration:

1.) nxtvepg works fine and detected all my channels and grabbed alot of epg 
stuff from "Kabel 1". so far, so good.

2.) how do I put the _channels_ into mythtv?

when I export the EPG as xml it looks like:
> <channel id="CNI0DC1">
>         <number num="1" />
>         <display-name>ARD</display-name>
> </channel>
But I think there must also be a connection to the channel (SE01 for example), 
or not?

3.) I can watch tv but I cannot change the station. I can see, that the 
program name in the OSD changes when I press UP/DOWN, but the station 
remains. When I press ENTER i'm back in the myth menu. When I select TV 
again, myth tells me that the tuner is recording (in use). But I cannot see 
that there is anything recorded at that time. and I cannot cancel it. (only 
by restarting the backend).

sorry, but I'm really confused :-(

Here are some infos:

Library API version     : 0.20.20070821-1
Source code version     : Unknown
SVN Branch              : tags/release-0-20-2

bttv 787 (Hauppauge radio/tv, very old...)

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