[mythtv-users] Dropped frames

William Munson william_munson at bellsouth.net
Sun Sep 30 12:46:11 UTC 2007

Bill Omer wrote:
> I rolled back to .20.2 (was running .21 from svn) because of some
> stability issues (slow response, really high load, frontend crashing
> etc..).  Now I'm facing a problem that I've seen before:  dropped
> frames.
> During a show, it will drop several frames in the recording.  It's
> almost like a ringbuffer is full or something.  Sometimes there's some
> digital distortion in the video before it skips, sometimes a couple of
> minutes of the show.
> Has anyone else seen this?  Are there any known work arounds for this
> kind of problem?  This didn't happen with .21, which was the main
> reason why I've been running the svn version.

I cannot help you with this problem but wanted to suggest that you 
revert to an earlier version of svn rather than go back to the release 
version. I find that the 14374 commit is a good stable point from just 
before the merge of the multi-rec branch. It has all the fixes related 
to Schedules Direct and seems to work well for me.

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