[mythtv-users] Got my Firewire tuner back!

Bob Sully rcs at malibyte.net
Sun Sep 30 08:32:26 UTC 2007

Harry Devine wrote:
> Bob Sully wrote:

>> I'm now running two pcHDTV 5500s, each with QAM and analog, plus the
>> S-video input from the STB (the only way I can record HBO, MTV-HD,
>> etc.),
>> now also with firewire, for a total of 6 separate tuners.  Now, if I
>> could
>> only get lirc working right and figure out how to set up a playlist on
>> MythMusic (it's NOT intuitive at all - better yet, figure out how to
>> call
>> Amarok from within Myth, as has already been discussed) - I'll be in DVR
>> Nirvana.
>> Bob
> I have a very similar setup to you (1 pcHDTV 5500, a Motorola DCT3412
> STB from Comcast), and was wondering how you got the Firewire going and
> the analog on the pcHDTV.  I just got most of my QAM channels mapped
> over (once I understood how the XMLTVID stuff worked), and I can't seem
> to figure out why I can't see any of the analog channels.  I haven't
> even BEGUN to worry about the Firewire yet, but that's on the list. :-)
> Thanks in advance for any information.
> Harry


For the Firewire port, you need to set it up as a separate capture card.
Also, make sure that you have the plugreport and plugctl utilities to test
and enable the firewire input port of your Myth box.  I have a DCT6200
STB, which works well with these, and a script to change channels on the
STB (I use 6200ch, but I'm not sure which one works with the 3412).

To get the analog channels on the pcHDTV 5500, you need to set up a
separate video source for them (I actually have three: one source for
analog (2-98), one for the in-the-clear QAM channels (approximately 35 or
40 total), and one that includes the full set of all provided channels).

When you set up the pcHDTV as a capture card, make sure you choose the DVB
option and make sure that you set up the "analog options" correctly.  Then
go to the video sources setup and fetch the lists of channels from the
source.  If you're using Schedules Direct, go to the FAQ on their web site
and look for the section on how to set up multiple sources from the same
SD account - I followed their directions, and it worked fine.  Then do
your channel scan for both the DVB (QAM) side (sounds like you've already
done that) and the analog side.  You then should be good to go.

I found this really confusing last year when I first set this card up,
too.  But once I got it working, it's been fine since.


Bob Sully - Simi Valley, California, USA

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