[mythtv-users] Slow myth TV user interface on a fast machine

Todd mythtv at vbref.org
Sun Sep 30 06:47:27 UTC 2007

James Fidell <james at fidell.co.uk> writes:
> No idea what Ubuntu installs by default, I'm afraid.  The latest nvidia
> drivers are available from their website though and installation is
> really pretty straightforward.  You may need to tweak a few options in
> xorg.conf to get it to perform the way you want but unless you're trying
> to get XvMC working, it's fairly painless.

Major kudos to James here.   I went to NVidia's site tonight and
grabbed the geforce fx 5200 drivers,    killed gdm with sudo
/etc/init.d/gdm stop to get to a shell prompt with X dead,
apt-get install libc6-dev  to get teh headers the nvidia shell script
needed for recompiling some kernel goodies,  and it worked fine. 

Of course, I had forgotten Alex's very helpful post to do it a more
Ubuntu friendly way while I was down in the basement with the myth

At any rate,  OMFG what a difference these accellerated drivers made.
I could not believe it.   The "prescaling images"  stuff when starting
the front end which used to take about 10 seconds or so dropped to
under a second, and the menus are zippy zippy zippy.  How did I live
without these drivers? 

Thanks James and Alex.  Now I've gotta figure out how to undo whatever
all nvidia's shell script might've done and revisit it a more upgrade
friendly ubuntu way.  But as a reformed masochist^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H
gentoo user, I'm used to constantly fixing broken stuff at that level.

Thanks again -- my god what a difference the accelerated nvidia
drivers made in MythTV usability. 

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