[mythtv-users] Can't watch live TV over firewire

Jerry Rubinow jerrymr at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 00:18:54 UTC 2007

On 9/23/07, Matt Emmott <memmott at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've been running Mythdora 4.0 with 0.20.2 for a couple weeks now. Today I
> picked up a Scientific Atlanta 3250HD hi-def box from Charter. I installed a
> PCI Firewire card in the machine today and was able to 'talk' to the STB
> using the firewire_tester binary in the contrib folder. I set up the
> firewire port as a tuner card in Myth but was having trouble switching
> tuners while watching live tv, so I blew away my main tuner in mythtv setup
> (A PVR-150). Now, when I select Live TV I see the STB change to channel 560,
> but after a few seconds I'm dumped back to the main mythtv screen. The
> errors in the terminal include the following:

What station is on channel 560?  Do you know for sure it's
unencrypted?  If Allan's suggestion of using test-mpeg2 doesn't
produce something watchable, that might be the case.


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