[mythtv-users] Coax splitters - how painful are they?

Meatwad meatwad.get.the.honeys at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 15:28:52 UTC 2007

Cory Papenfuss wrote:
>> And for those of you still trying to shove the OTA and cable signals
>> into your tuner via a combiner: Please Stop. My house is in the crux of
>> the downwind/base/final for a significant regional airport. There's
>> enough collateral damage every few months from aborted straight-out and
>> crosswind departures already.
>  	What exactly do you mean by that?... curious as an EE and a pilot. 
> An "aborted straight-out" sounds like a crash (or possibly an "aborted 
> straight-in, which could be a missed approach), and a crosswind departure 
> is nothing unusual.

I was referring to the occasional crash on takeoff. Aborted my have been 
a poor choice of words. "Unsuccessful" departures would be more 
appropriate. http://www.palwaukee.org/nav/pil/movement.html

Just north of Hintz Road and slightly east of the 16 centerline is a 
four-story, mid-rise condo building. One morning, an older Greek couple 
found the remains of a Citation II in their kitchen.

For a regional, it has pretty heavy traffic especially since Daley 
bulldozed Meig's Field. When 24 is active, the VFR touch-n-go pattern is 
right over my house. Pretty neat actually; some guy with a Baron just 
loves to bury the throttles. IMO, a beautiful sound.

Getting back on topic...Chef sez: "OTA and Cable Feed DNA just don't mix"


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