[mythtv-users] Alerting upon failed recordings

Taco Mel taco_mel at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 29 13:18:46 UTC 2007

Hello again list,

My upgrade on Wednesday night apparently broke
something which caused one of my two tuner cards not
to be able to record a show on a schedule (unable to
tune the channel message in the backend log).  This
was even though it passed my quick post-upgrade "watch
live TV on all tuners" test (apparently able to tune
despite the error).  I figured this out today and have
since fixed the problem by running mythtv-setup again.
 But I have "lost" two and a half days of planned

This got me to thinking... is there any way to alert
someone if a scheduled recording fails?  I am thinking
that an e-mail message would be the most common,
although a hook to a script would be the most general.
Possibly calling a script from the backend whenever an
error occurs, with the arguments to the script being
the error message, and force the script to have the
intelligence as to whether an event is worthy of
sending an alert.  Is this implemented already?

If not, I'll just "watch" the log file.

Thanks in advance.

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